Reheat the coffee 3x kinda day…


Do you ever have one of those days? Days when clarity seems miles away? The feeling of walking in a haze? No, I am not plugging some sort of anti histamine. I am talking about one of those days where you have had to reheat your coffee three times before 9 am!

Today is one of those days for me. Made the coffee, set it down, remembered the coffee, reheated the coffee, set it down, remembered the coffee, reheated the coffee, set it down, and repeat because you get the idea.

I also am having this same feeling with my decorating. I feel like no projects are getting fully completed. I go back to them, work a big more, get distracted, then go back and repeat. There are a couple reasons for this, one is money. I do not have the money saved up to complete certain aspects of my projects, or I do not have the skill set, so I need to wait patiently. (Something I am not good at I have been told.) The last part of the hold up is the weather. When is Spring going to kick old man winter in the snowballs and get us some warm weather.? (ok, relax mom, I know, a tad graphic but it is so frustrating)
I need some warm weather. There are so many projects that require warmer weather. Once it heats up I can set up my painting station in my garage.

Now speaking of painting. My basement really needs a coat of paint. It is the dullest, most uninviting colour ever! That is where the photo at the top comes in. In the basement we have the same blue coloured furniture. In the past I have had a super bright yellow and reds but I am liking the subtle yellow paired with the blue as shown. Well, time to reheat the coffee. I guess it is really a reheat the coffee 4x kinda day!


2 thoughts on “Reheat the coffee 3x kinda day…

    • Tara, just make a fresh one, sit down and dream for free while you enjoy it. The room at the top is wonderful. Hope I get to see the finished product as I am loving following your new home decorating.

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