Green and Gold


This palette is similar to the one I posted yesterday. The highly intense green with some soothing grays and golds. It is a group of colours that is calming yet still invigorating. This makes sense seeing the photo matched with it. The calmness of nature in the morning but with the feel of anticipation as to what the day holds. I have a friend who is venturing into a similar colour palette this week. Sisal (goldish walls) and wood flooring with gray furniture in varying shades and then an adjacent room in green. She is midway and feeling a tad nervous about the decision. When it is all complete and the green has been brought into the sisal room, it will be stunning. It will be a calm environment with a subtle bit of energy. A perfect fit for a family that appears reserved but we all know they are bubbling with energy waiting to escape.

One thought on “Green and Gold

  1. Tara, you are so good at what you do! This post is so reassuring..I knew these colours worked together in nature but didn’t expect to see them in an “designer palette” . We haven’t had a grand master’s just coming together piece by piece. Thanks for making it look like we know what colours to choose!

    Can’t wait to add the green!



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