Umbrella Stand…


Saw this great umbrella stand and had to share. A nice large clay pot with plants in it takes this umbrella base to the next level. It creates a great focal point and shady seating area. I think this would look great at the cottage!


The Paint, Nothing But The Paint…


Yes, you have seen these paint chips before. They are to be the back half of my house. In order starting at the top and working my way down, they are: 1- HC 165 Boothbay Gray, 2 – CC 548 Asphalt, 3 – OC 17 White Dove, 4 – HC Bennington Gray. All Benjamin Moore.

Now what are they being used for?
That is the next logical question. In the same order, the gray blue colour is to be the accent colour, which will be found in pillows, art and the area rug. The next one which is the darker gray called Asphalt will be my kitchen cupboards and the Whitish colour will be the new colour for all the trim & doors in the entire home. Lastly, the tannish gray colour will be the kitchen and the family room wall colour. The Bennington Gray will most likely be my entrance colour as well as hallway colour. Now to find the time to get painting!

If I Passed…


A very close friend of mine was over for dinner tonight and we chatted about my vision for the house over butter chicken. I went room by room and told him what we will be doing soon, in the future and if I could do anything I wanted. At the end he turned to my husband and asked him what his vision was. My husbands smart answer was, “anything she wants.” My friend then turns to my husband and says, ok, what if she passed. At this point we were onto dessert and coffee and it nearly came flying out of my mouth. My husbands answer was, “sell the house”. Funny guy. Together my friend and I pressured him to dream about d├ęcor. What we got out of him was a backyard kitchen. A place to burn stuff and a cool bbq set up. The photo above is what he described. At least I have discovered that I am not the only one who likes to dream big. Not sure how our rear neighbours would feel about this set up on the other side of their fence!

Welcome To The Jungle


My family came home yesterday to a jungle. Grand Valley Nursery on King St. In Kitchener was having a sale. There were many great specials but the one I was there for were the ferns. Boston Fern hanging basket reg. 17.99 for 9.99. These ferns are intended for my front porch but due to this unseasonably cold weather they have been delegated to various locations around our home. The previous homeowners had left all sorts of hooks in the ceiling and they came in handy. The plan was to remove the hooks and fill the holes but I may have to rethink that a bit. Not that I need all of them but I am now the proud owner of three ferns that will need a warm place this winter. That is the great thing about this plant ( if I can keep them alive). Outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. Wish me luck!

Not a Floral Designer


I would never claim to be a floral designer but I am happy with my spring arrangement. I pulled out the pine and cedar branches and traded them out for some lovely greenery. Yes, folks.. Faux greenery. This pot is on a covered porch with very little light and besides, I can barely keep plants that get sunlight alive! Also, as an aside. The pussy willows, fake yellow flowers and greenery all came from Dollerama. In total it cost me just under $20. So there is no excuse to have that tired leftover Christmas arrangement on your front porch. Visit the Dollar store and faux it up!

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together…


It has been a while since I have said much about our house project. It is sllllloooooooooow going. This spring has been very busy for us and I am looking forward to things slowing down a bit so I can get some work done! But then I also look outside and realize there is so much to do there. Eeks. I need to prioritize.

Part of the hold up in the house is that I have not had a master plan. I make them all the time for clients but have no idea why I did not do that for myself. Now however, one has been made for the main floor. The funny part was I had purchased the family room flooring the first week in the house and it has just sat there. The reason being I didn’t know what colour I was going to paint the walls. The wall colour could not be decided upon because the cabinet grey had not been picked. It was a chain reaction of hurry up and wait.

Decisions have now been made. I know what backsplash I want , I have my flooring and I have decided on the trim colour, cabinet and wall colour for the back half of the house. ( all in photo above) In the next post I will give you the colours names and fill you in on the plan for the front entrance and living room.

Meh… Just meh…


Months back you will recall I tested LOOP paint. A recycled Canadian made paint that is sold at Walmart. I was happily surprised at this product. This leads me to my most recent experience. I was at Rona looking at some trim when I walked by their paint department. I noticed they had a recycled paint called ECO and it was on sale. Reg. 18.99 for 9.99 a can. At that price, how could I resist testing it? They also had a large colour selection for a recycled paint and I easily decided upon Soy for my basement. It is a golden tan colour. I eagerly went home and prepped my walls. At first glance the paint is thinner than what I am use to and I found it did not cover as well. It just doesn’t appear to have an even coverage on the first coat. I also found for a low VOC paint the smell was stronger than what I would have expected. Really the paint reminded me of the brand Boomerang that Rona use to carry. Perhaps it is the same paint with a new label? So here is where I am at. I have finished two walls only. I need to decide whether I forge on or switch to another brand of paint. I will probably forge on. My recommendation is this. If you need to paint a spare bedroom or inside closets or spaces you just do not care about that much, give this paint a go but only if you get it for 9.99. Other wise go with the LOOP paint at 15.88 it is far nicer.