Backsplash = Backbone?


We all know how important the kitchen cupboards are to a kitchens design, and most realize the impact hardware can make. It use to be that the countertops were just a minor thought but even they have been thrown into the spotlight with all new varieties from concrete to natural stone to recycled glass. There is however one feature of the kitchen and dare I say even the backbone of the kitchen that always seems to be an after thought. The last part of a kitchen reno. The part that everyone says, “oh, we will do that when we have more money or more time.” The backsplash!

The backsplash in my opinion is the feature wall that adds that last bit of “wow”, or ties the space all together. Recently, we were at a friends place and they put up plexi glass as their backsplash so they can change out the papers behind. Right now they have rice paper but next month who knows?! It is a great product that is easy to clean, install and is a show stopper. I would not recommend it in a traditional style kitchen however. It suits a bit more modern look.

When we go to overhaul our kitchen I truly have no idea what type of backsplash we will be installing. I do know this mirror mosaic one shown above caught my eye. Beautiful.


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