Sitting Pretty – Owl Stool


This owl stool is one of the coolest things for spring that I have seen recently. This stool can be found at Urban Barn for $79. This weekend all accents are on sale so it may just be a good time to pick one up. They come in blue and white also. They can be used as a stool or a side table. I would use it either on my front porch or in one of my bathrooms beside the tub. No matter where you put it you will be siting pretty!


Emily Carr – an inspiration


Emily Carr is a woman who inspires me. Not only a painter but a writer as well. Her art reaches out to me and helps me connect with nature. The painting above is one that reminds me of my happy place. It also shows unimaginable life in a location where one would least expect it. Nature is amazing that way. Because really, in the crevice of a rock this tree grows tall and strong, defying the odds. I think Emily Carr saw this tree and felt inspired to share its story of perseverance. Speaking of perseverance, one of the things I find fascinating about Emily Carr is that she is considered an exceptionally late bloomer, only beginning the work she is known for at the age of 57. This makes me smile and reminds me there is hope for all of us to start something new, to follow a passion, no matter what stage of life we are in.

Backsplash … For real!


Today I went out to look at what new tiles are on display. I found this one that I love. It could be an amazing backsplash or look super fantastic in a large shower with glass doors. The later is what I am thinking about doing with it. I love the octagon shape and would love to do the bathroom floor in that shape but all in gray and larger in size. Now of course this is the project I didn’t want to think about for a year but…. This tile is sooooooooo neat. Oh, and for the record, this picture does not do this tile justice. I also was happy at the price, $7/ sq. ft. I love my tile stores on Victoria St., in Kitchener!

Banishing the Bulkheads


In many kitchens there is this annoying thing called the bulkhead. Some kitchens have it due to duct work but others have it just to fill the space between the cupboards and the ceiling. I am not a fan of the bulkhead but nor am I a fan of an open space. I prefer cupboards that go to the ceiling. In my current kitchen I have the all annoying bulkhead. I also have no intentions of replacing my cupboards but painting them. My plan is to disguise the bulkhead, in essence, fool the eye. I plan to achieve this “trickery” with paint and moulding. As seen in the photo above. This client did an excellent job banishing the butt ugly bulkhead!

Spring Fling


This week I had a client ask me to help them bring some Spring to their bedroom but they only had $130 to do it. I said, no problem with a smile and then started to sweat. However, that recent trip to the new Target proved useful. I was able to find this bed in a bag for a $109 and the throw on the bench for $20. The rest of the items in the bedroom like the white accessories and the mirror were grabbed from the other parts of the home. The mirror above the bed is actually one the client used on her back porch. I thought it was great in this location and she consented.

So if this white snow during the start of Spring is getting you down, don’t let it! Keep trudging ahead with your own Spring Fling. Just because it is miserable outside doesn’t mean it has to be like that inside!!!