Loop – recycled paint


The next project in our home is to tackle the master bedroom. The walls will be painted, some draperies hung, new bedding and some accessories. The wall colour decision was gray. A nice and warm mid tone gray.

Then I happened to be in Walmart and came upon a unique product. It is called LOOP. It is a Canadian made recycled paint. Upon further research I found they only use premium paints and are saving a great deal of paint from entering our landfill. It claims it is also low VOC. I decided I had to try the paint out. The one downside is, there are limited colour choices and only one finish. The price helps you over look this however at a mere $14/ can!!!!! Yes, you read that right.

Here is my view on the product. The colour choices are fine. The gray is almost a dead ringer for Benjamin Moores Booth Bay Gray. This colour has a blue undertone so be prepared for that. The product goes on the wall nicely. There was no splattering of paint and the texture was nice. I do recommend two coats and letting them dry in between. I would say use this paint in smaller bedrooms, offices, and basements that are not used much because I am not sure about its scrub-ability. Also, I would worry that in a large space that the second can is not an exact match. The dye lots can vary a bit, so be sure to watch for that.

So all in all, if you want some reasonable paint with some reasonable colour selection then head to Walmart and pick up some Loop paint. Oh, make sure to have them shake it up for you! I do not know of any other paint of this quality at this price point. Happy painting!


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