Condo Sized Furniture, Not Only For Condos!


I ran into a friend of mine the other day at Urban Barn when I was out shopping for a client and we started talking about condo / apartment sized furniture. I personally love the smaller scale furniture. I love the skinnier arms but I mostly LOVE the fact that I can touch the floor when I sit! For all of you who are vertically challenged like myself you will know there is nothing better than finding a couch that is comfortable. A couch where your back touches and you can easily place your feet on the ground. Now that is comfort. The depth of the seat in these condo sized couches can range from as small as 33-36″. Some of the best selection can be found at Urban Barn and Structube. You can also order from the Steven and Chris line at Smitty’s. Just remember even if you live in a house, condo sized furniture may be the right choice for you. Unless you are over six feet tall. Then you may find it a tad on the petite side!


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