My Wallpaper Obsession…


I promise you will not hear me talk about wallpaper for a while. Or at least until I have a finished project to show you!

But to recap…
* I love pretty wallpaper ( just not taking it down)
* I love powder rooms surrounded by wallpaper
* I have wallpapered a ceiling before
( ok, I had my mom do it, but it looks good, and supposedly a bugger to put up!)
* I think an accent wall in wallpaper can be the most amazing way to add some “wow” to a space
* The wallpaper drawer fronts were pretty cool
* Wallpaper in drawers looks neat but have not tried it. Has any one reading this tried? Any tips or tricks?
* I love the idea about the stair rises covered in wallpaper (might be smart to top coat)
* Lastly I love bookcases lined with wallpaper or a wall done in wallpaper with open backed bookcases in front

Now all it comes down to is finding the right paper and making sure the entire house is not covered in it!


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