Tile, tile, everywhere…


In the Dominican you see tiles everywhere.
Most of the tiles are 16 x16 in. What is also popular like at home, are the 10×24 in ‘ish size tiles. What makes them unique here is that I keep seeing them on the 45 degree angle. Just plain pretty.


Large Lanterns


Loving the large lanterns at the Gran Bahai Principe in the Dominican. These lights that look like lanterns are over 8ft tall. Simply stunning.

House Plaques – Give Me A Sign


When I pulled up to our house last night the new exterior lights looked lovely except the house number was a tad out of place. Our numbers are on a white painted board. A chipped board I might add. It looks sad and tired. Now I am on the hunt for a sign. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Has anyone seen some nice reasonable ones out there? I saw some at Home Depot but wouldn’t mind something unique.

MinWax PolyShades


One of my all time favourite products is the Minwax PolyShades line. Every time I have used this product my project has turned out fantastic! I have used it so far on a table top, dining room chairs, chest of drawers and a hand rail. All you need to do is clean the surface well, then give it a light sanding. Then apply one coat with a good brush and then apply a second coat the next day. It is simple to use and the colour comes up great. Now one thing to note, I have always gone from a light colour to a darker one. So before you toss that honey coloured coffee table or kitchen set, be sure to give this product a try. A little elbow grease can save you a good deal of money and leave you with a show piece you can be proud of!

Table Mash Up…


This past summer at auction I got the above table top for five dollars. It was five dollars because the legs were busted and the table top was scratched. The other day my parents broke one of their kitchen stools. My mom suggested my father find a way to use some of the wood to create legs for my table. This is what he came up with. I painted the legs black and used a stain & polyurethane in one product for the top. It turned out great. The stain colour is American Chestnut. Thanks dad!

Master Bedroom. Do we dare white bedding?


The photo above is a master bedroom I put together for some clients with grown children. I love the white bedding. So crisp and clean.

In my home I have shied away from white bedding and that is because of fear. The fear, three children and a dog can bring while crawling on white bedding. However, I think the time has come for us to be brave. The children are tweens and the dog is too fat to jump on the bed.

This summer we are going to the light side. Now to make sure my husband keeps his hot chocolate far, far, away from the bedding!!!!

Loop – recycled paint


The next project in our home is to tackle the master bedroom. The walls will be painted, some draperies hung, new bedding and some accessories. The wall colour decision was gray. A nice and warm mid tone gray.

Then I happened to be in Walmart and came upon a unique product. It is called LOOP. It is a Canadian made recycled paint. Upon further research I found they only use premium paints and are saving a great deal of paint from entering our landfill. It claims it is also low VOC. I decided I had to try the paint out. The one downside is, there are limited colour choices and only one finish. The price helps you over look this however at a mere $14/ can!!!!! Yes, you read that right.

Here is my view on the product. The colour choices are fine. The gray is almost a dead ringer for Benjamin Moores Booth Bay Gray. This colour has a blue undertone so be prepared for that. The product goes on the wall nicely. There was no splattering of paint and the texture was nice. I do recommend two coats and letting them dry in between. I would say use this paint in smaller bedrooms, offices, and basements that are not used much because I am not sure about its scrub-ability. Also, I would worry that in a large space that the second can is not an exact match. The dye lots can vary a bit, so be sure to watch for that.

So all in all, if you want some reasonable paint with some reasonable colour selection then head to Walmart and pick up some Loop paint. Oh, make sure to have them shake it up for you! I do not know of any other paint of this quality at this price point. Happy painting!