Kitchen Hardware


The debate between knobs or pulls(handles) is still going strong in my household. In our last home we had a combination like the photo above and we may just be heading that way again.

Often it’s easy to get swept up in the process of choosing the knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets, particularly with all the style choices available. What gets overlooked are some of the more practical considerations that go along with those

Before you make any final decisions on which cabinet knobs and pulls to buy consider the following points. They may help you refine your ultimate choice.

Knobs vs. Pulls – Cabinet knobs are harder to grasp and pull than cabinet pulls (handles). That’s because they utilize finger strength to ‘clutch’ the knob in order to pull it. Cabinet pulls are easier to open because they allow for the hand or most of the fingers to grasp the handle. This may be important for people who have difficulty using their fingers and hands such as arthritics, disabled or elderly people.

The Feel Is Important –
How a knob or pull feels in your hand is important — you’ll be using some of them numerous times a day. Make a point to actually feel the knobs and pulls you’re considering. If you’re ordering online, purchase some samples first. You’d be surprised by the number of knobs that look benign that turn out to feel uncomfortable every time you grasp them.

So knobs or pulls? I want to hear from you about your preferences.


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Hardware

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  2. I like a combination of both. My upper cabinets that contain cooking ingredients have pulls/handles because when I’m cooking and my fingers are “dirty” I want to be able to open these with one finger (usually my pinky finger) so as not to dirty a handle or knob. That’s hard to do with a knob! This is also why my faucet has a single lever. If I have chicken juice on my fingers I can turn the tap on and off with the back of my hand – no chicken juice on the tap means no contamination!


    • I like a combo of both as well!!!! I hear you on the nasty contamination! Chicken juice.. Ughhhhh. I am looking at a motion sensor kitchen tap because I am not sure I can trust my 14 year old son from infecting us all. He loves to cook but I live in constant fear! Lol.
      Thanks again for the opinion. I love them!

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