Switch It Up!


All the light switch plates and the switches themselves are all cream in my house. I am not a fan of this, especially when all the trim is white. My husband thought he was being helpful the other day and started changing out all the covers to white but then the cream coloured switch screamed at me even louder. So we have decided that as a room gets decorated the outlets and switches will all be changed. Oh, and the doorknobs too but that is for another post.

I had not realized until I was standing in the hardware store that there a number of choices for switches and covers. Yes, there are the standard white, and cream but also brown, blue, gray and black! The covers come in bronze, nickel and more. This got me thinking. I plan on wallpapering our powder room and a white plate and switch would be glaringly obvious. So the plan for that room will be to switch them all to black. See the photo above. The light switch looks great in black. Imagine how in your face it would have been in white!

So switch it up baby! I know I will be.


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