Paint Meets Science Fair


Funny thing happens when you live with a decorator, everyone in the family starts talking about design, colour etc.

In fact, the other day my grade seven daughter announced at the dinner table she was going to do her science fair project on paint comparisons. She was going to take the paints I talk about to the lab and run tests on them. She wants to see how they hold up in heat, cold, their drip factor, and their durability. The three paints she is decided upon are Benjamin Moore, Behr and CIL. All three paints have been tinted to Booth Bay Gray and she will be doing the same testing with white.She will be testing these paints on wood and metal over the next month.

Once her results are in and the project is complete I will post her findings and testing methods. This will put an end to the paint wars in our family once and for all. Watch out Dad, your Behr paint is going down!


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