White Wash Wisdom…


The fireplace is finished for now. Why for now you ask? Well, the future plan is to mount a tv on the top part. That may or may not require us chiseling the four bricks that protrude on the top half of the fireplace. We will have to see which mount we end up using. With decorating one thing always seems hinged upon another.

All in all I am happy with the colour change. It brightens up the room but it does make the walls seem a bit off. It will however look great with the new colour scheme. The gray blue walls are going to look super fantastic with it. Now we just need to find time to get to that part of the project!

Now, if I had extra money on hand my plan for the fireplace would be to add stone veneer. Stone that looks like large river rocks to be exact but in the meantime my white wash will do.

For those who want to know how I did it…
Mix one part white latex paint with two equal parts water. Use a brush to apply and dab off with a rag. Be sure to give the bricks a quick wipe down or vacuum before starting. The prep is important. Tape off any parts you want to protect. This paint mixture is very runny! Best of luck.


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