Worlds Worst Job


Ok, so that may be a stretch but I do think removing wallpaper is a nasty job. In our house wall paper can be found in the form of a 12 inch border in my sons bedroom. It must come down so we can paint his room.

I have found the best technique for removing wallpaper is this:
1) add a cap full of liquid fabric softner to one litre of warm water (ideally in a spray bottle)
2) score the wallpaper gently with a wire brush or old fork
3) spray the wallpaper with the solution
4) let it sit for 15min
5) take a plastic putty knife or metal one and slowly remove the wallpaper, wet again if needed

This is my job tomorrow morning as long as my back is feeling better. Hmmmm, unless.. Maybe I could make it look fun and then my kids will want to do it? That has to be the pain killers talking! As my dad would say “give your head a shake!”


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