Fabric is NOT my friend tonight!


I have gray paisley curtains hanging in our bedroom. I like them but they are a tad short. I also would like them to have a hit of black.

So this afternoon off to Lens Mill I went in quest of a nice velvety material. The plan is to add a 10inch stripe to the bottom. I only need four inches so the other six will cover up the paisley. This is fine as I would rather have a large band than something skinny and out of place. The curtain above is somewhat like the depth I am referring to.

So why is fabric not my friend you may ask? I forgot how much a large bolt of fabric can weigh and jerked it off the rack at the store. In a couple quick seconds I went from smiling at my find to mind numbing pain down my arm, neck, and back.
Who would ever think of shopping as being a hazard to your health!


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