Happy 2013 – Emerald is it!


What a great day to start the New Year.
Finally some sun! Pantone announced the 2013 colour ages ago but I feel today is a good day to write about it.

I remember my brother and I chatting about our favourite colour when we were tweens. When I think about it now, it seems somewhat odd, but I truly remember sitting on the dock debating the merits of certain colours. We were both torn between a sky blue or forest green as our colour preference. I guess it makes sense now, he is the painter and I am the designer. Back “in the day” my bro had a forest green, almost emerald thermal shirt that he lived in. I think he traded that one in for a flannel version once he became a teenager. I will have to ask his wife how many green shirts he still owns?

Anyway, I am happy to see all the various shades of green making their way back to the forefront of design. This is going to be a good year!


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