Drapery Replacement


As I mentioned in the previous post I have been on the lookout for draperies. I visited all my usual places on line and in store. Bouclair Home was even having their 40% off curtains event but they had nothing in the style I wanted. I knew I could get custom draperies made (I did that in my last home and the result was stunning) but after a move the budget is a tad tight for such luxury.

The goal was to find a drapery panel in chocolate brown. They also had to be lined in white, 96in length, be able to use with the current rod & hooks and have the pinch pleat look. Oh, did I mention that they would also need to be very reasonable? I do not ask for much, do I? My first find was at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found the perfect pinched pleat panel. It fit all my requirements except for the price. $79.99 a panel was not what I was willing to pay especially when I would need eight of them!

So where did I end up getting the drapes and how much did I pay you ask? I am getting there. The above panel is chocolate brown, is lined in white, works with the hooks and is 96.5″ in length. Now the material is not as heavy or as beautiful as the more expensive panels but at $19.99/panel I was willing to sacrifice a tad. These panels are named “Paris Pleats” and they come in brown, gray, violet and lime green. They are regularly $39.99/panel and can be found at JYSK. I happened to pick them up during a half price sale. If you are in the market for some draperies you may want to see if any of their style suit you needs!


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