New Years Eve

New Years Eve.


New Years Eve


It is hard to believe that a new year is almost upon us! In a few short hours it will be 2013!

It feels like it was just recently that it was turning the year 2000 and we were wondering what the impact would be. I clearly remember my dad saying, “we will change the wood burning fireplace into a gas insert once we get through January 2000″. By no means was he going to be without heat if the world turned on its head!

I can honestly say that the year 2013 has no impact on any of my decorating decisions. At least none that I can think of off hand. I do think it will be another year of making the biggest decor changes with the least amount of money possible. I truly do not see any major lottery winnings happening. As a friend of mine once said, ” you do have to play, if you want to win”.

I do hope anyone who is reading this has a wonderful New Year and stay tuned as the decorating adventures are set to begin in about a weeks time. First project will be white washing the fireplace and mounting the t.v. Close behind will be painting the bedrooms and laying the new flooring in the family room. Hold on because it is going to be a fun ride.

Happy 2013!!!

Family Room Flooring


I was torn between a dark charcoal grey flooring and the one shown above. I love the look of a dark wide plank flooring but this plank has grey and brown tones.

I want my family room to have a slight bit of a cottage feel. I want to replicate the feeling of sitting on the dock at the cottage. I want the flooring to be reminiscent of a weathered dock and the walls to be a bluish gray like the sky. I want it to be comfortable and warm. I want it to be a room people gravitate to for no particular reason but that they want to be in it.

I am very excited to see it on the floor! It is going to be perfect!!!

Sales A-Go-Go


Tis the season for post Christmas shopping!
Now if only I had money to spare!

I took my girls out shopping today and the sales were incredible. Now is the time of year when I pick up my Christmas cards for next year and whatever ornaments I have fallen in love with this holiday season but refused to pay full price for.

If you leave the mall and hit the big box home improvement stores then there are even more deals to be found. Now is the time to pick up new flooring and all types of of bathroom fixtures, vanities etc. Head to the back of those stores or check out the centre isles for deals on carpets, mirrors and all sorts of decorative items!

Happy Shopping!

Twas’ The Night Before Christmas…


And all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a Maya mouse.

Christmas Eve… It is hard to believe we have been in the new house for 23 days! It does feel like home and I am slowly starting to find everything in my kitchen. My hubby just finished putting together the ping pong table that my folks got the kids. The kids have wanted one for such a long time and this new home has a basement large enough for one. Yippee!

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. 16 family members coming for waffles and strata! Then we roll into cooking a turkey. The upside is everyone comes to us but we do have a revolving front door!

Well, I do not have much to say about decorating but try to chill a little bit and enjoy your Christmas decorating with family and friends.

Remember the reason for the season!
Merry Christmas!

White Christmas This Year?


We woke up to a dusting of snow but my family is praying for a white Christmas! The photo above would be ideal even!

If you think about it, the white stuff brings an extra touch of magic and sparkle to Christmas. The Christmas lights on neighboring homes sparkle that much brighter and the warm cup of hot cocoa in your hands tastes that much sweeter.

So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Just Adding Our Stuff


We have been in the new place now just over two weeks. Due to Christmas we have not done any true decorating. We have changed out a few lights, and hung some draperies, but that is truly it!

What we have noticed is that just putting “our stuff” in the new space is making a difference. Sadly, we have even pulled that “just toss up art where there are nails” routine. When we paint we will fill holes and hang art where we want it.

At least everyone is feeling at home now. It is slowly getting our smell and we are figuring out how to best use our additional space.

Once the New Year hits there will be all types of decorating adventures. Did I mention I have already picked up the new flooring for the family room shown above? Now if only I could locate some reasonable light to replace that huge white thing in our ceiling!!!