Hickory Dickory Dock


No mice running up this clock!!!
I snapped a photo of this clock this past weekend because grandfather clocks fascinate me. I especially love the crackle and antique finish on this specific clock.

So here is the thing. In my family we have strong feelings about grandfather clocks. Me probably more than anyone in my entire family because I do not have one. You see, I love and I mean LOVE grandfather clocks. Not any old grandfather clock but the ones made by my grandpa Griffett. My grandfather made a clock for all six of his children and his only grandson at the time. (my brother) In fact, I think one of my aunts may even have a second smaller clock. The logic was that my parents are to hand me down their clock at some point. The “at some point” is the hard part. I think the “at some point” means when they pass on and I anticipate that to be a very, and I mean very long time away. So, I have broken down and started looking at clocks on Kijiji. I think I am going to buy one off there and then I will not feel guilty when I pull out the antique white and crackle paint. Sorry grandpa. I am going to paint a grandfather clock, of course not one that you made because “at some point” is no where on the horizon.


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