Knock Knock…


Who’s there?
Front doors I feel set the tone for a house or at the very least give us a peak at the owners personality. How could an overly reserved person live with a bright yellow door as shown in the photo? A dark door in browns or blues is traditional and those with them tend to follow suit. A black door is classic as is a red door etc.

I have not decided upon a front door colour yet as I must first decide on a door! The current door has a glass section with some very unique flowers painted on it. I can not wait to show the before and after on this one! I do know my new door will be solid. Why solid you ask? I love door knockers! My current door has a great black iron knocker and nothing beats that thunk thunk sound when someone is at the door. My new home has to have a solid door where a lovely door knocker can be mounted. Now, the fun part. Shopping for a new door knocker!


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