Gray & Gold


This is traditional and sophisticated rolled into one. Loving the gold with the gray!


Gray & Yellow


This has been a pretty hot colour combo this past year. Seems every trendy boutique and magazine has been playing up its sophisticated look. I would like to get in on the trend but with a twist. My plan is to substitute the yellow with gold. Gold is turning into the hot metal of choice again, so it seems like a fairly logical next step.

The Piano…


We are fortunate to own a studio piano and blessed to have everyone in our family able to play it. Now I didn’t say we could all play great, just play it! For the move we have a pod being delivered for all our boxes and whatever else we can fit in. The appliances stay and the piano…well let’s just say that we do not see the need to move that bad boy ourselves. I have hired Attuned Piano Movers to look after that job for us!

Don’t Box Me In!


So does our “stuff” multiply when we sleep? I keep boxing up our stuff and there just seems to be more and more of it. Seriously, there has to be a bottom to it all. Who would have thought five people could accumulate this much stuff!!! Four more days to the move. The push is on now to get the last of all this stuff dealt with. This is the week I am sure the garbage men are going to hate us!



The song from Les Miserables comes to mind… Empty chairs and empty tables, where my friends will sit, no more.

The living room is now packed up in boxes. Today I plastic wrap all the furniture. How sad and bare the room looks. I know it is still full of furniture but it is amazing what accessories do for a space.

So.. Goodbye living room. You have served us well!

The writing is on the Wall!!!


I woke up this morning and realized how little time we had left before the big move. In less than a week we get our new place and three days after that our old place is in the hands of its new owners. This has somewhat changed our moving game plan. Instead of painting the weekend we get the house, well… We will be moving in!

I figure at least my blog entries will be entertaining for you all as I spin around in circles and go crazy. This new situation will make the decorating a tad more challenging but also more authentic.

If you are wondering about the photo… It is part of a chair from Bouclair Home. I love the look of all their pieces with the writing on them. The paint colour I have with it is Benjamin Moore AF Coastal Path. This is for a clients bedroom.

Well, the madness is about to begin. All I can say is, strap yourselves in, this is going to be some ride!