Booted Out!


Today I have been thinking about the bathrooms in the new place. I know the powder room is going to be pretty but that still leaves me two full baths and one that needs to be made from scratch. But one step or bath at a time. The main bath upstairs is functional but I think we need to give the tub, the boot. As long as we have one tub in the house, I truly do not think we have need of another. So, my plan for the main bath is to replace the tub with a nice walk in shower. I like the look of the inspirational photo I found. So, No tub but a great shower. Now I need to research cost and plumbing. If all goes well I will not back in the week saying tubs are great. 😉 They are, just not always a good thing in a small space with three people who love to shower!


Broken Promises


I told myself when we bought the new house I would not make any purchases for it (other than appliances) until we had moved in. The thinking was that I really did not want to move any extra stuff. Until this weekend I had been good too! I have been walking by the stunning bedding, draperies, vanities, you name it, that have been on sale as of late. So what caused me to stumble, you ask? WALLPAPER! Beautiful grey paper with a gorgeous design. I bought three rolls for the main floor powder room. I am going to paint the ceiling one of the shades of grey to the side of the picture. I think a new vanity in a dark grey, a nice sparkly mirror and perhaps a chandelier to top it all off.
Now, from this point on I promise to keep my wallet in my purse! Really!

Purple Ponderings


In the past year I have let my children take the reigns so to speak in the area of colour selection for their bedrooms. It has not been a bad thing, but not all choices would have been the same as mine. Take the purple bedroom for example, I would have selected a purple with a bit of a smokey feel to it. I know my daughter loves her purple but the neat thing about moving is the “do over” factor. We have had the Benjamin Moore paint deck out and this time are looking towards a colour that is a bit richer in nature, perhaps “sanctuary”. Sanctuary by BM is a fab colour and really, who would’t want their room to be their sanctuary???

Colour Me Grey


These past few days I have been pondering colour. Colours in general to be honest. The great thing about a new place is a fresh start in the world of colour. I can take our new home almost anyway in the area of colour but I keep thinking back to my happy place, the cottage. I love all the greys I see in nature. There are many people who say grey is cold and “why would you want to live in that?”but I believe paired with the right accents it can still feel warm. So now the question is, grey walls? Grey flooring? Grey cabinetry? Hmmmmm …I am really liking Metropolis by Benjamin Moore right now. Colour me grey!

Happy Place…


When life gets hectic everyone needs to have a happy place. Mine is called True North on King Lake. I am 100% in my happy place when sitting on the dock listening to the waves lap against the side.

Life is hectic right now. Shopping for a new vehicle, the conditional sale of our home and various other issues that have popped up this week but part of me is calm because it is thinking back to the summer.

I have a million ideas running through my head about the new place but right now, at least for the next few moments, I am going to be hanging out in my happy place. 🙂

Goodbyes are always hard…


I have to admit that besides leaving great neighbours the hardest part of our move is saying goodbye to my kitchen. I designed this kitchen with much love and thought. I looked at hundreds of white paint chips, numerous sheets of granite and stacks of porcelain tiles of various sizes to make these final decisions. This kitchen has truly been the heart of our home. Many a dinner party has lingered around the kitchen island and table for hours until Adrian exclaims, “let’s move to the living room.” Oh, the living room. I will miss that space as well but that is for another blog entry.

This kitchen will be hard to top but I think I am up to the challenge. The new house has a kitchen with a good layout and that is about it. Time to pull out the paint chips and head into Stonex to check out granite!

So we bought a house…


Last week we purchased an old house. Okay, really I should not say it is old because I am seven years older than it! Eeks! For us, this is old however because our last two homes have been new builds. I am excited about this project and will be posting regularly once we take possession of it in about six weeks. This “new” home is a very traditional two storey with the large front porch even. It is going to be a great family home once we put our stamp of style on it. Stay tuned for more details.